Big growth for CEE with new staff and programming, part II

Sep 7, 2023
CEE staff at job site

The past year has been one of significant growth for CEE and we have more impressive staff to showcase who’ve joined our team! With their support, our programs, policy goals, and research will continue to make Minnesota a leader in building energy efficiency.

Sari Hoffman-Dachelete

Sari Hoffman-Dachelete, Program Coordinator for Market Transformation

Previous to joining CEE, Sari worked as a project manager with BWF, a fundraising consulting firm. In this position, Sari helps manage a portfolio of client facing projects, contributes to reports and research projects, and provides additional administrative support.

Thomas Strommen

Thomas Strommen, Energy Counselor

Thomas has worked primarily in education since graduating from UW-River Falls in 2019. As an energy counselorhe works directly with homeowners to help them understand how their home uses energy.

Q Gagne

Monique "Q" Gagne, Initiative Manager, Market Transformation

Q Gagne (they/them), joins CEE's Market Transformation team as an Initiative Manager focused on lighting. With a decade of experience in the lighting industry and an expertise in controls, their career in lighting began with Lutron Electronics where they learned how the market operated in the new era of LEDs.

Veena Sundaresan

Veena Sundaresan, Human Resources Manager

As an HR Manager at CEE, Veena brings four years of HR experience spanning multiple sectors and a passion for helping staff achieve their career goals and nurture their talents.

Vinai Xiong

Vinai Xiong, Energy Counselor

Before joining CEE as an energy counselor, Vinai worked for the Eau Claire Area School District as a bilingual assistant tutoring students from K-5th grade, and interpreting for non-English speaking Hmong parents and teachers to better understand one another.

Keller Brussow

Keller Brussow, Residential Marketing Manager

Prior to joining CEE, Keller helped build the foundational marketing department for a startup medical technology company. With a BA in Communication & Journalism from the University of St. Thomas, Keller has honed her skills in communication, strategy, and project management.

Zach Holmes

Zach Holmes, Energy Counselor

Zach has worked in a wide variety of positions from customer service, to construction, to licensing and more. He is enthusiastic about working with nonprofits and other agencies that have a meaningful impact on our local communities.

Sao Chang

Sao Chang, Energy Counselor

As an energy counselorSao works directly with homeowners to help them understand how their home uses energy by identifying and installing low- and no-cost opportunities and measures to save both energy and money.

Michelle Frost

Michelle Frost, Community Energy Analyst

As a community energy analyst, Michelle supports Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program by collecting, processing, and analyzing data to support city and municipality efforts in energy and climate planning and implementation.

Oren Thomas

Oren Thomas, Energy Counselor

Oren has a background in land conservation and environmental management. He has worked for a variety of nonprofit and government organizations leading ecological restoration projects and implementing Clean Water Act regulations.

Adam Roche

Adam Roche, Technical Engineering Manager

Adam's career in engineering spans over 15 years, with a significant portion of that time spent at Franklin Energy before joining CEE. His expertise in the field includes quantifying energy use, conducting energy audits, and contributing to TRM development efforts.

Kaia Bierman

Kaia Bierman, Office Administrative Specialist

Before joining CEE, Kaia completed two service terms with the Conservation Corps in direct resource management and another service term in an individual placement with the MN DNR conducting outreach and public education alongside the State Parks and Trails Division.

Jordyn Purvins

Jordyn Purvins, HVAC Market Development Manager

Jordyn joined CEE in 2023 after working as a Product Manager in transport refrigeration, where she focused on electrified product development and market adoption of clean technology. Prior to this role, she completed a rotational program within both transport refrigeration and commercial HVAC.

Ariana Porcello

Ariana Porcello, Energy Counselor

Prior to becoming an energy counselor, Ariana served as an Environmental Resources intern for Dakota County as well as Climate Intern for Sunrise Banks where she helped develop a loan product focused on decarbonization and energy efficiency projects.

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