Big growth for CEE with new staff and programming

Aug 24, 2023
CEE staff in meeting

The past year has been one of significant growth for CEE and we want to showcase some new staff who've joined our team! With their support, our programs, policy goals, and research will continue to help Minnesota homes and buildings become more energy efficient.

Aly Eilers

Aly Eilers, Manager, Legislative Affairs

Aly joined the policy team after working in the Minnesota State Senate for nearly 10 years as a legislative assistant, committee administrator, and most recently, as a caucus researcher for the Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy Committee, the Environment Finance Committee, and the Environment Policy and Legacy Finance Committee.

Karin Cotter

Karin Cotter, Program Support Specialist

To her position as a CEE program support specialist, Karin brings experience from her work as a regional operations specialist for Coldwell Banker Realty in Edina and a previous position at ResourceWest, a charitable nonprofit in Hopkins.

Raymond Dickson

Raymond Dickson, Energy Counselor

As an energy counselor, Raymond brings public service experience as a former field organizer for U.S. House of Representative Angie Craig and continued government service with the Minnesota Department of Revenue as an internal revenue examiner.

Alex Dumont

Alex Dumont, Energy Counselor

Before joining the Home Energy Squad as an Energy Counselor, Alex was a shift supervisor at Starbucks and worked with environmental advocacy groups GASP and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama. 

Noah Herman

Noah Herman, Energy Auditor

Before joining CEE as an energy auditor, Noah worked in remodeling as a carpenter helper. After completing CEE's home energy career training program, he earned his Building Science Principles certification.

Daniel Raherimanjato

Daniel Raherimanjato, Product Development Manager, Commercial HVAC

Daniel brings extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and technologies to CEE from his work as a senior product development engineer in the commercial rooftop HVAC industry.

Molly Garcia

Molly Garcia, Program Development Manager, Beneficial Electrification 

Prior to joining CEE, Molly was a program manager in market transformation at Resource Innovations, where she administered the North American Gas Heat Pump Collaborative. In other recent roles, she oversaw long-term strategy and strategic communications for market development and commercialization 

Kira Dobberman

Kira Dobberman, Energy Counselor

The Home Energy Squad welcomed Kira, who graduated from Luther College with a BA in English and Environmental Studies and worked with the Luther College Center for Sustainable Communities.

Ainai Xiong

Ainai Xiong, Scheduling Assistant

As a scheduling assistant at CEE, Ainai will apply a breadth of experience from working in administrative and operations software programs and her passion for CEE's energy efficiency focus.

Doug Will

Doug Will, Chief Financial Officer

Doug brings decades of experience in nonprofit finance and accounting to CEE. Prior to joining our team, he held senior finance roles at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Washburn Center for Children, and Minneapolis Jewish Federation.

Nicole Siewert

Nicole Siewert, Energy Auditor

Nicole joined the Home Energy Squad as an energy auditor after completing CEE's Workforce Training Program. Nicole was a building maintenance worker for MCTC for over a decade and has been caretaking properties for nearly two decades. 

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