Full Staff

Jennifer Amendt

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 612-335-5868
Email: jamendt@mncee.org

Emma Appleman

Program Relations Coordinator

Phone: 612-335-5852
Email: eappleman@mncee.org

Andy Baeten

Field Operations Manager

Phone: 612.244.2428
Email: abaeten@mncee.org

Gregory Bauhof

Sales Support Specialist

Phone: 612-244-2439
Email: gbauhof@mncee.org

Jon Blaufuss

Energy Efficiency Project Associate

Phone: 612-335-3484
Email: jblaufuss@mncee.org

Dave Bohac, P.E.

Director of Research

Phone: 612-802-1697
Email: dbohac@mncee.org

Jenny Bohac

Business Systems/Programming Support Analyst

Phone: 612-335-3485
Email: jbohac@mncee.org

Helen Booth-Tobin

Policy and Communications Specialist

Phone: 612-335-5831
Email: hboothtobin@mncee.org

Stacy Boots Camp

Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator

Phone: 612-244-2429
Email: sbootscamp@mncee.org

Tyler Botnen

Energy Technician/ Counselor

Phone: 612-244-2461
Email: tbotnen@mncee.org

Mike Bull

Director of Policy and Communications

Phone: 612-244-2433
Email: mbull@mncee.org

Lloyd Dalton

Software Engineer

Phone: 612-244-2436
Email: ldalton@mncee.org

Jamie Dorman

Sales Support Specialist

Phone: 612-335-5882
Email: jdorman@mncee.org

Jenny Edwards

Director of the Innovation Exchange

Phone: 612-335-5873
Email: jedwards@mncee.org

Tim Ellingson, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer

Phone: 612-335-5833
Email: tellingson@mncee.org

Erik Ennen

Facility Services Manager

Phone: 612-819-7245
Email: eennen@mncee.org

Jim Fermoyle

Program Assistant

Phone: 612-210-6201
Email: jfermoyle@mncee.org

Glen Fisher

Energy Efficiency Program Associate

Email: gfisher@mncee.org

Jim Fitzgerald

Senior Building Analyst

Phone: 612-244-2416
Email: jfitzgerald@mncee.org

Jamie Fitzke

Lighting Consultant and Policy Associate

Phone: 612-670-2100
Email: jfitzke@mncee.org

Elena Foshay

Community Energy Program Manager

Phone: 612-244-2457
Email: efoshay@mncee.org

Scott Franke

Energy Counselor

Email: sfranke@mncee.org

Kristen Funk

Director of Lighting Programs

Phone: 612-335-3487
Email: kfunk@mncee.org

Beth Greeninger

Participant Services Coordinator

Phone: 612-244-2489
Email: bgreeninger@mncee.org

Mark Hancock, P.E.

Director of Engineering

Phone: 612-335-5861
Email: mhancock@mncee.org

Tim Hanrahan

Manager of Strategic Communications

Phone: 612-244-2419
Email: thanrahan@mncee.org

Nikki Hardy

Human Resources Coordinator

Phone: 612-335-3481
Email: nhardy@mncee.org

Jim Hasnik

Lending Manager

Phone: 612-335-5885
Email: jhasnik@mncee.org

Alex Haynor

Research Analyst

Phone: 612-244-2415
Email: ahaynor@mncee.org

Sergio Hidalgo

Sales Support Specialist

Phone: 612-335-5824
Email: Shidalgo@mncee.org

Casey Hilbelink

Energy Counselor

Phone: 612-244-2460
Email: chilbelink@mncee.org

Stephen Hines

Loan Officer

Phone: 612-335-5851
Email: shines@mncee.org

Mike Holder

Lighting Consultant

Phone: 612-805-4296
Email: mholder@mncee.org

Megan Hoye

Engagement Manager

Phone: 612-244-2417
Email: mhoye@mncee.org

Jeffrey Johnson

Sales Support Specialist

Phone: 612-335-5890
Email: jjohnson@mncee.org

Jamie Johnson

Community Energy Program Coordinator

Phone: 612-244-2497
Email: jcjohnson@mncee.org

Katie Jones Schmitt

Benchmarking Policy and Outreach Specialist

Phone: 612-741-0596
Email: kschmitt@mncee.org

Amanda Keith

Office and Administrative Specialist

Phone: 612-335-5887
Email: akeith@mncee.org

Cindy Kelly

Project Assistant

Phone: 612-244-2427
Email: ckelly@mncee.org

Nicole Kessler

Program Manager for Energy Intelligence

Phone: 612-244-2452
Email: nkessler@mncee.org

Charles Ketchum

Lighting Consultant

Phone: 612-518-4008
Email: cketchum@mncee.org

Pamela Klocek

Office and Administrative Specialist

Phone: 612-335-5857
Email: pklocek@mncee.org

Kirk Kolehma

Building Analyst

Phone: 612-845-2271
Email: kkolehma@mncee.org

John Kroll

Energy Technician

Phone: 612-244-2432
Email: jkroll@mncee.org

Russ Landry, P.E.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Phone: 612-335-5863
Email: rlandry@mncee.org

Jessica Lenort

Senior Sales Support Specialist

Phone: 612-335-5823
Email: jlenort@mncee.org

Cristina Lussio

Loan Services Coordinator

Phone: 612-335-5856
Email: clussio@mncee.org

Robert Lysholm III

Systems Engineer

Phone: 612-244-2411
Email: rlysholm@mncee.org

Patrick Mathwig

Energy Counselor

Phone: 612.244.2462
Email: pmathwig@mncee.org

Dan May

Multifamily Project Coordinator

Phone: 612-244-2425
Email: dmay@mncee.org

Kathleen McCarthy

Program Assistant

Phone: 612-335-5828
Email: kmccarthy@mncee.org

Carl Nelson

Director of Program Development

Phone: 612-335-5871
Email: cnelson@mncee.org

Mark Opdahl

Senior Facility Consultant

Phone: 612-747-6725
Email: mopdahl@mncee.org

Shelley Pavlas

Senior Accountant

Phone: 612-244-2458
Email: spavlas@mncee.org

Sue Petersen

Payroll Administrator and Accountant

Phone: 6123244-2426
Email: spetersen@mncee.org

Nate Phelps

Community Relations Manager

Phone: 612-335-5881
Email: nphelps@mncee.org

Christopher Plum

Operations and Contracts Manager

Phone: 612-335-5825
Email: cplum@mncee.org

Josh Quinnell, Ph.D.

Senior Research Engineer

Phone: 612-244-2437
Email: jquinnell@mncee.org

Mary Raasch

Senior Program Manager

Phone: 612-335-5877
Email: mraasch@mncee.org

Mark Rader

Lighting Consultant

Phone: 612-518-3245
Email: mrader@mncee.org

Neal Ray

Mechanical Engineer

Phone: 612-335-5840
Email: nray@mncee.org

Ashley Robertson

Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 612-335-5869
Email: arobertson@mncee.org

Ben Schoenbauer

Senior Research Engineer

Phone: 612-244-2413
Email: bschoenbauer@mncee.org

Gary Schoonover

Lighting Consultant

Phone: 612-819-8978
Email: gschoonover@mncee.org

Bryan Severson

Network Operations Manager

Phone: 612-335-5876
Email: bseverson@mncee.org

Kyle Shannon

Energy Technician/Counselor

Phone: 612-244-2464
Email: kshannon@mncee.org

Lester Shen

Director of Innovative Technologies

Phone: 612-335-5883
Email: lshen@mncee.org

Isaac Smith

Program Manager

Phone: 612-335-3483
Email: ismith@mncee.org

Tom Spielman

Director of Information Technologies

Phone: 612-335-5867
Email: tspielman@mncee.org

Sheldon Strom

Technical Advisor

Phone: 612-859-2819
Email: sstrom@mncee.org

Emma Struss

Senior Program Coordinator

Phone: 612-244-2455
Email: estruss@mncee.org

Di Sui

Building Energy Analysis Engineer

Phone: 612-244-2453
Email: dsui@mncee.org

Joseph Sullivan

Manager of Strategic Relations

Phone: 612-244-2418
Email: Jsullivan@mncee.org

Judy Thommes

Manager of Marketing

Email: jthommes@mncee.org

Dana Thorgrimson

Energy Counselor/ Technician

Phone: 612-244-2431
Email: dthorgrimson@mncee.org

Mark Totino

HVAC Consultant

Phone: 612-618-8592
Email: mtotino@mncee.org

Leif Vanhala

Energy Technician

Phone: 612-244-2463
Email: lvanhala@mncee.org

Michael Verhulst

Lighting Consultant

Phone: 612-850-9527
Email: mverhulst@mncee.org

Suren Vijayakumar

Software Engineer

Phone: 612-244-2498
Email: svijayakumar@mncee.org

Meranda Wacek

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 612-335-5872
Email: mwacek@mncee.org

John Wilson

Software Engineer

Phone: 612.244.2410
Email: jwilson@mncee.org

Brenda Yaritz

Senior Loan Officer

Phone: 612-335-5891
Email: byaritz@mncee.org

Kevin Zickert

Energy Counselor

Email: kzickert@mncee.org