Aug 16, 2022

Case Study: Sabathani Senior Housing Project

Project Background 

Center for Energy and Environment’s New Homes team began working on the Sabathani Senior Housing project in March 2020. The team reviewed building plans, created energy models, and made recommendations to ensure energy efficiency was built into the building’s design. These recommendations included revisions to insulation levels, air sealing details, and mechanical systems. Special attention was paid to the heating and cooling efficiency and ventilation systems. The key energy efficiency features recommended included an exterior rigid foam insulation on the entire building and a 95% AFUE in-unit heating system. These revisions were necessary for the building to meet the efficiency requirements of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction program.

Case Summary

Energy Efficient Features

  • Exterior rigid foam insulation on the entire building
  • 95% AFUE in unit heating system

Home Certifications, Ratings, and Potential Savings

  • RESNET HERS Energy Star New Construction (version 3.1)
  • Average HERS score: 48
  • Average annual savings per unit: $523
  • Total predicted CO2 reductions: 20.9 tons/year
  • Air tightness: 46% tighter on average than Energy Star reference of 0.3CFM50/Sq.


  • Watson-Forsberg
  • Tri Construction
  • Homeco Insulation, Inc.
  • Go Fetsch Mechanical