May 21, 2024

2023 CEE IMPACT REPORT: Print version PDF

CEE in 2023: Innovation and Future Focus

Center for Energy and Environment helps households, businesses, and entire communities use energy wisely, saving money and cutting carbon in the process.

We spent much of the past year exploring community needs, our own mission and vision, and the wealth of skills and earned experience of our growing team. Pairing what we learned with opportunities to increase CEE’s impact, we ultimately arrived at a new organizational strategic plan, which we recently announced. To keep pace as a learning organization, we prioritize inviting diverse perspectives, listening to customers and clients before we speak, and constantly seeking creative approaches to reach more people in pursuit of equitable electrification and decarbonization.  

As always, CEE’s strategies require collaboration and a practical, shared vision. We are grateful for our longtime partnerships as we seek and build new relationships for an even brighter future. 

Visit our 2023 Impact Report webpage here.