Existing Buildings

In the Twin Cities, large commercial buildings account for almost 50 percent of total energy use, offering big opportunities for improvements to help individual buildings cut waste while reducing our entire region’s energy use and carbon footprint.

CEE specializes in existing-building optimization to reduce energy waste while improving our environment. Improving energy use in existing buildings is our primary focus, not a sideline to engineering design, mechanical or controls contracting. Our extensive hands-on experience with HVAC equipment and controls enables us to identify opportunities that others may miss.

CEE can also help you determine how well your building is performing and recommend next steps for improving performance or acquiring certification.

Existing Building Commissioning

This comprehensive and systematic process improves the operations of your building systems to ensure they meet occupant needs while minimizing energy use. Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) provides healthy, comfortable and productive work environments by bringing ventilation and indoor air quality up to standards, solving persistent problems with building operation and training Operations and Management (O&M) staff to improve building performance. Learn More.

Energy Efficient Operations

After a building has been commissioned, CEE’s Energy Efficient Operations program can maintain efficient HVAC operations for the long term. This program provides building operators with a customized step-by-step manual to check on how their equipment is operating. The manual also provides instructions to diagnose any issues that may arise. In addition, CEE engineers follow up with building operators throughout the year to answer questions and help troubleshoot. This service gives operators the tools they need to identify problems before they amount to huge energy waste. 

Performance Monitoring

CEE’s Performance Monitoring service combines interval data from utility meters and trend data from building automation systems to see how equipment operation directly affects energy use. Our engineers analyze this powerful information and develop strategies to reduce peak demand and energy consumption.


Performance Certification

CEE has experience with EnergyStar’s Portfolio Manager, which is an online tool that tracks energy use, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. Our engineers gather the necessary information to determine the EnergyStar score for your building. If the score is 75 or higher and you would like recognition for your hard work, we’ll help you through the EnergyStar certification process.


Benchmarking is the process of comparing the energy use of your building to similar buildings to determine how well your building performs. This comparison informs staff about how well they are operating the facility and whether they should take additional action to get their energy use in line with similar buildings. Our engineers have benchmarked buildings using Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) data, Minnesota’s B3 Benchmarking website, and EnergyStar’s Portfolio Manager.