Multifamily Programs

CEE has served multifamily buildings though our strategic energy consulting for over three decades. Our expertise includes program management and implementation, auditing, testing, engineering, and quality assurance. CEE continues to connect customers with the latest energy efficiency technologies and best practices, drawing on our experience from leading over 20 multifamily-focused research projects.


Multifamily Energy Savings Program 

CEE implements a Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) for multifamily properties on behalf of Minnesota Energy Resources as well as various electric partner utilities across the state of Minnesota. Through this program we help multifamily property owners save on utility bills by installing energy saving products in units, performing whole building energy assessments, optimizing building controls, recommending further energy saving projects and providing rebate assistance. 

Minneapolis 4d Energy Efficiency Program 

CEE supports the City of Minneapolis on their 4d energy efficiency program. The program helps preserve affordable housing and lower utility costs for low income tenants. We help naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) property owners sign up for utility audit programs, provide energy assessments on an as needed basis, and help property owners navigate and access utility rebates and city funding.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Consulting – Existing Buildings 

CEE helps owners and managers of existing multifamily properties identify cost effective capital improvement projects and maintenance best practices to lower utility bills. We provide energy assessments, scoping and project oversight for energy efficiency improvements.  

Contact Ashly McFarlane for interest in this service.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Consulting – New Construction 

We help multifamily housing developments that receive state funding to cost-effectively meet specific energy efficiency requirements and reach their energy efficiency goals.

One-Stop Efficiency Shop®

Multifamily properties with Xcel Energy commercial electric accounts may qualify for this full-service lighting and HVAC program which provides free audits, expert advice, project management support, and rebates for up to 60% of the project cost.