Free Smart Thermostats for Your Business

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We can help you cut energy costs and earn annual bill credits by installing free smart thermostats at your business. 


Ready to get started? Call us at 612-244-2427 or fill out the form below. 

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How the program worksecobee.png

  1. To get started, contact the One-Stop Efficiency Shop team through the form above. 

  2. A qualified One-Stop technician will replace your existing thermostats with Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats at no charge.

  3. Once the thermostats are installed you will be enrolled in Xcel Energy’s AC Rewards for Business Program which allows Xcel Energy to make small, often unnoticeable adjustments, to your smart thermostats during the hottest summer days when demand for electricity is highest. You can opt-out of these events at any time by returning your thermostats to their normal settings.

  4. You save on energy with your free smart thermostats while helping Xcel Energy maintain the reliability of the electric distribution system without costly additional infrastructure investments.

*As an added bonus, you’ll receive annual credits on your electricity bill of $25 per thermostat installed.

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Have questions about your ecobee thermostat?

Please contact the ecobee technical support center with questions about your smart thermostat: 1-877-932-6233 or

Download the full thermostat FAQ document