Reports & Materials

Technical Report

Retrofitting 80% Residential Furnaces for High Efficiency

This research evaluated the actual savings, established implementation protocols, and demonstrated non-energy benefits of transport membrane humidifier technology in single family homes.


Air Source Heat Pumps: Cost-Effective & Cold-Climate Ready

Webinar covering the results from CEE's research on air source heat pump performance in cold climates.

Technical Report

Duct Leakage and Retrofit Duct Sealing in MN Commercial & Institutional Buildings

Field research to characterize existing large commercial building duct systems, quantify the potential for leakage reduction, and develop screening and diagnostic procedures to facilitate program-level implementation.


Commercial Condensing Boiler Optimization

Technical overview of the research questions and findings as well as a discussion of targeted recommendations for utility energy efficiency programs and operator learning.


Commercial Rooftop Units in MN: Characteristics and Energy Performance

Findings from research that aims to characterize existing RTUs and the new/replacement market, as well as monitor existing RTU energy performance.

Technical Report

Commercial Roof-Top Units in Minnesota: Characteristics and Energy performance

Research conducted by CEE and Seventhwave.


Study Update: Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps

Project update presented at the 2017 Better Buildings: Better Business Conference.

Data & Reference

Heat Pump Water Heater Calculator

Using several simple inputs, this application will determine the estimated savings and payback period for installing a heat pump water heater as a replacement for standard electric resistance water heating.

Data & Reference

HVAC Calculator

This tool provides an easy-to-use, side-by-side comparison of the operating characteristics of different heating and cooling options in Minnesota.