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Quality Assurance Testing

Rest assured your insulation is up to industry standards with quality assurance testing.

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Inspectors will verify the quality of insulation work using a variety of diagnostic equipment.

If any issues are found during the inspection, CEE will provide a detailed report of where they were and what corrective action can be taken to resolve them. To wrap up, the inspector goes over recommendations for potential further energy efficiency upgrades to the home and verifies all combustion appliances are operating safely.

We provide quality assurance inspections for the following programs.


Minnesota Energy Resources Authorized Insulation Contractor Program

This service certifies Insulation Contractors to ensure that their customer's insulation projects comply with industry quality standards. CEE works with Minnesota Energy Resources to provide the Authorized Insulation Contractor program.
Learn more about the Authorized Insulation Contractor program 

Xcel Energy’s Whole Home Efficiency Program

CEE provides quality assurance inspections for homes that participate in the Whole Home Efficiency program, which helps homeowners find projects that increase their energy savings, in addition to earning rebates by taking a whole-home approach to energy efficiency.
Learn more about the Whole Home Efficiency program

Noise Mitigation Program

CEE can verify that the recommended home improvements installed through the Metropolitan Airport Commission’s Noise Mitigation Program meet industry standards.
Learn more about the Noise Mitigation program

Insulation Upgrades from Home Energy Squad Visits  

As part of some Home Energy Squad visits, CEE connects qualified contractors with homeowners to install insulation. Our staff performs quality assurance inspections to make sure that the insulation and ventilation work has been installed properly and all combustion appliances are working safely.
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