Apr 30, 2018

Final Report: Small Embedded Data Centers in Wisconsin

Christopher Plum

Seventhwave and the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) collected information from Wisconsin businesses on characteristics of their business and small embedded data centers (SEDCs). This information will help Focus on Energy address savings opportunities from SEDCs by identifying appropriate program offerings and marketing channels.

The characterization study was comprised of both primary and secondary research. We reviewed studies germane to this project, interviewed Focus on Energy program staff and a select group of IT equipment distributors, surveyed a sample of Wisconsin businesses and conducted a limited number of SEDC site visits. We used the results from the survey of Wisconsin businesses and data gleaned from our literature review to quantify the potential for energy savings from measures targeting SEDCs. We used the results of our site visits to clarify effective approaches for Focus on Energy programs to reach this market segment. Included in the Quantifying Energy Savings section are equations for calculating energy savings for specific measures.

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