Aug 31, 2021

Expanded Scope Commercial Boiler Tune-Ups Final Report



This study clearly demonstrated a large potential for cost-effective savings and increased Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) impact by adding boiler temperature and staging control optimization to the scope of traditional commercial boiler tune-up programs, which have historically focused on energy savings only through burner adjustments. This expanded scope of service requires a more detailed protocol and data collection form than traditional burner tune-up programs, as well as significant technician training and technical support to reliably achieve savings. However, for buildings with condensing boilers, this scope expansion cost-effectively provided savings of about 7% of pre-tune-up gas use, in addition to the roughly 2% savings typically assumed for burner tune-ups alone. While there is some drop off in savings over time, the persistence appears to be at least as good as for traditional burner tune-ups. The combination of savings, market size, and cost-effectiveness makes this an attractive option for expanding current CIP offerings.