Efficient Technology Accelerator (ETA) kicks off program with first ever training

Aug 9, 2023
LLLC training

Earlier this year, Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) launched an initiative to increase adoption of luminaire level lighting controls (LLLCs), a commercial lighting technology that offers substantial cost and energy savings opportunities. When implemented correctly, individual LLLC fixtures can react to, monitor, and share data about patterns of use, changes in ambient lighting in different sections of a building throughout the day, and more. Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) pioneered this initiative and CEE is collaborating with NEEA to bring the approach and energy savings benefits to the Minnesota market.

To begin engaging with and learning from the commercial lighting market, the team kicked off its first-ever LLLC training event on July 27, 2023. The event, Luminaire Level Lighting Controls: Simplify, Save, Succeed, was led by Steven Mesh, LC, IESNA, an award-winning lighting designer with a specialty in lighting design education. The training focused on demonstrating how LLLC systems are simple to configure, provide value to installers, save energy, and enable simple methods of meeting code.

By the end of the training, every attendee, mostly local contractors and energy service companies, received hands-on training with fixtures and software for a wireless LLLC system. Contractors also had the opportunity to learn about the latest rebate programs and opportunities for support by guest speakers One-Stop Efficiency Shop® and Xcel Energy. The training left attendees thoroughly immersed in the technology of LLLCs and its benefits for commercial use.

"We’ve heard from the market that contractors are interested in receiving hands-on training to improve their confidence with LLLCs and that a lack of experience is the biggest challenge they face. Steve empowered trainees to experiment with the equipment to prepare for successful projects with LLLCs."

Monique "Q" Gagne, CEE initiative manager

The primary objective of the initiative is to promote the successful, widespread adoption of LLLCs in commercial and industrial buildings across Minnesota to reduce electric power consumption. To achieve this goal, the ETA team is committed to offering easily accessible training programs, installation support, and valuable resources to lighting specialists throughout the state. LLLCs are just one of five initiatives led by the team to drive change toward a more sustainable and energy efficient future.


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