CEE’s New Homes team receives Top Performing Rater and Market Leader Awards

Jun 21, 2022
Press Release
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CEE announces that it has been named as the Top Performing Rater of 2021 by the High Efficiency New Homes Program and a 2022 Market Leader by ENERGY STAR. Through hard work and dedication, CEE’s New Homes team recorded the highest average energy saved with 27.8% gas savings and 23.9% total energy savings above the required Minnesota Residential Energy code.

CEE’s New Homes Program offers consulting and energy ratings to help single- and multifamily homes in Minnesota achieve energy certifications. The New Homes team works with architects, builders, and developers to emphasize the importance of placing energy efficiency at the forefront of new buildings.

“Every day, our team promotes sustainable construction and helps new buildings achieve energy efficient ratings,” explained Phil Anderson, New Homes Manager. “These rewards are a great reflection and reminder of why we do this work: to strengthen sustainable and energy efficient housing construction across Minnesota.”

“These rewards are a great reflection and reminder of why we do this work: to strengthen sustainable and energy efficient housing construction across Minnesota.”

Phil Anderson, CEE New Homes Manager

The High Efficiency New Homes Program is an effort between CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy to promote high efficiency home construction that exceeds the Minnesota Residential Energy Code. This holds new construction to higher energy standards and requires each home to be inspected and tested by a third-party rater. The Top Performing Rater recognizes CEE’s effort in helping to promote sustainable housing in Minnesota and driving the market toward a more sustainable future.

The Market Leader Award recognizes partners participating in EPA’s ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction program who have made a significant positive impact in energy efficient construction and environmental protection by building or verifying at least 50 ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments, or by sponsoring a local program that supported these activities, over the past year. More than 120,000 ENERGY STAR certified single-family homes and multifamily units were built in 2021, for a total exceeding 2.3 million since 1995.

“Our 2022 Market Leader Award winners demonstrate true leadership in bringing energy efficiency to the residential new construction marketplace,” said Jonathan Passe, chief of the ENERGY STAR Residential Branch. “ENERGY STAR offers a proven whole-house approach that is transforming the residential market to a higher standard of construction quality while protecting the environment for all.”

About CEE

Center for Energy and Environment is a 501(c)(3) clean energy nonprofit with special expertise in energy efficiency that stretches back 40 years. Complementary focus areas include technical research, program development and implementation, community engagement, policy advocacy, and project financing. Working across homes, businesses, and communities, CEE discovers and deploys the most effective energy solutions to strengthen our economy and improve our environment. Online at mncee.org.