CEE’s Market Transformation program actively seeking key partners

Dec 15, 2022
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In 2023, CEE will launch a statewide Efficient Technology Accelerator in Minnesota to speed up the broad availability and adoption of promising energy efficiency technologies. This innovative program will use a market transformation strategy, which encourages faster and more cost-effective technology adoption by working early on with tech developers, producers, distributors, and other stakeholders to identify and overcome market barriers.

ACEEE recently cited the emerging program as one key reason their annual Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranked Minnesota in its top 10 — the only Midwest state to score that high. ACEEE described the accelerator as “a new market transformation program that will work with technology manufacturers and equipment installers to support emerging and innovative efficient technologies and address barriers to adoption.”

To get this work underway, CEE has announced Requests for Proposals (RFPs)* for three distinct energy efficiency technology initiatives in market research: Luminaire Level Lighting Controls, High Performance Windows, and High Efficiency Roof Top Units. CEE seeks qualified contractors to investigate market barriers and opportunities, market dynamics, and product awareness and perceptions to inform market interventions and evaluation.

Luminaire Level Light Control (LLLC) RFP

The LLLC initiative seeks to accelerate the adoption of LLLCs in commercial buildings for new construction, renovation, and retrofit projects. To initiate this work, we seek a contractor to conduct a market characterization for LLLCs.

High Performance Windows (HPW) RFP

Market characterizations will inform market intervention strategies for the HPW initiative, as well as help establish a market baseline against which future progress will be measured. This will be a statewide initiative that spans multiple utility territories, focusing on the residential window market. We are interested in both retrofit and new construction markets.

High Efficiency Rooftop Units (RTU) RFP

This statewide Minnesota RTU initiative will span multiple utility territories with a focus on the light-commercial HVAC market. Market characterization will inform the market intervention strategies for this initiative, as well as help establish a market baseline against which future progress will be made.

For each of the three initiatives, services will begin in February 2023 for completion in August 2023. The selected bidder(s) will complete research activities, including primary data collection and a market characterization report to support the development of the initiatives.

Market Transformation Evaluation Consultant RFQ

CEE is also seeking qualified consultants to provide evaluation guidance and support for the market transformation portfolio. Consultants who submit to the open RFQ should have a deep knowledge of market transformation evaluation and claiming energy savings. A market transformation evaluation staffer will work closely with this consultant to develop evaluation and energy savings plans for each product initiative.


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