CEE teams up with Xcel Energy to offer Business Energy Assessments

Jun 1, 2022
Press Release

Center for Energy and Environment announced that its commercial program will now offer Xcel Energy’s Business Energy Assessments. The recently launched program provides affordable whole-building assessments to Xcel Energy commercial customers in Minnesota.

Improving upon Xcel Energy’s traditional recommissioning services, the new Business Energy Assessments program allows greater flexibility to serve a wider range of building types and sizes. The program focuses on identifying low- and no-cost solutions and practical capital improvements to reduce energy waste in commercial, municipal, educational, and healthcare facilities.

“Our engineers have earned decades of experience helping clients find cost-effective ways to reduce energy use in their buildings,” said Mark Hancock, CEE’s director of engineering. “With the addition of Business Energy Assessments, we're now able to provide an even fuller range of affordable, independent energy consulting services to our commercial clients.”

Building Energy Assessments process

Starting with a free building screening, CEE engineers and energy advisors gather information on each facility's equipment and controls, resulting in a proposal that details potential customer costs as well as opportunities for Xcel Energy co-funding.

Within 45 days of the proposal’s acceptance, CEE engineers perform an in-depth, whole-building assessment and provide a comprehensive “energy management roadmap.” The CEE team then guides facility staff through the implementation of energy-saving measures, completes rebate paperwork, and provides access to grants and financing options for energy improvements.

As program implementer, CEE provides Building Energy Assessments on behalf of Xcel Energy. Xcel Energy commercial customers can learn more and apply for a free building screening at mncee.org/BEA.

About CEE

Center for Energy and Environment is a 501(c)(3) clean energy nonprofit with special expertise in energy efficiency that stretches back 40 years. Complementary focus areas include technical research, program development and implementation, community engagement, policy advocacy, and project financing. Working across homes, businesses, and communities, CEE discovers and deploys the most effective energy solutions to strengthen our economy and improve our environment. Online at mncee.org.