Feb 22, 2016

Animation of Aerosol Sealing for Multifamily Application

This animation explains the aerosol sealant method developed by the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center. This aerosol sealant method is currently being studied by CEE to see if it is a cost-effective way to reduce envelope air leakage in Minnesota multifamily buildings.

This technology has been used to improve residential duct sealing for over fifteen years. A redesigned injection system has been developed for envelope applications. The process has the potential to be more effective and convenient than conventional methods for sealing envelopes, because it requires less time and effort, and seals a larger portion of a leakage area more quickly. It can seal numerous, diffuse leaks; be used in existing buildings with finished surfaces; and provides real-time feedback during sealing, so technicians can determine when it’s no longer cost-effective to continue. It also offers the non-energy benefit of reducing air flow and contaminant transfer between units.

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