Multifamily Energy Savings Program

Multifamily buildings are unique and managing operation costs is paramount. The Multifamily Energy Savings Program, brought to you by Minnesota Energy Resources, MN's 3rd largest gas utility, is designed specifically to address the needs of multifamily building owners. This program serves most multifamily building types* including low income housing, 55 and over senior housing, assisted living, on-campus college housing, condominiums and apartments.


This is a comprehensive efficiency program with many benefits.

  • Saves you energy and money.

  • Provides expert advice on how to best reduce natural gas and water use.

  • Is customized for the building owner and brought right to the building.

All of this is at no cost to the building owner!

*This program does not serve homeless shelters, prisons and jails, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and congregate care facilities, hotels and motels.

Program Benefits

Boiler-control-Multifamily-(1).jpgInstallation of high-efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators in apartment units.

  • Identification of additional opportunities for energy savings, including:

    • Modifying or upgrading of centralized heating system, hot water and ventilation system.

    • Adjusting existing equipment, such as boiler control settings.

  • A customized energy report with recommendations.

  • Follow up assistance with high-value upgrades, including connecting you with qualified contractors and quality assurance inspections. 

  • Rebate incentives for energy efficiency measures.

How Do I Participate?

Apply for the program online OR call 888-734-6365

Who is Eligible? 

Any multifamily building with 5 units or more that receives natural gas service from Minnesota Energy Resources and has natural gas central heating and water heating

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Multifamily Program Manager