Cold-Climate ASHP Collaborative

About the Collaborative

CEE has teamed up with Minnesota utilities to accelerate the adoption of cold-climate air source heat pumps (ccASHP). With our collective efforts, we aim to ensure that:

  • ccASHPs are the first choice for contractors and homeowners that are replacing electric and delivered-fuel heating systems or air-conditioners by 2030, and
  • every installed system will be optimized to provide heating as well as cooling.

In partnership with utilities, installers, manufacturers, and distributors, we strive to increase adoption of ccASHPs in the state to benefit homeowners and maximize cost-effective energy savings. 

About Cold-Climate Air Source Heat Pump Technology

ccASHPs are a high-efficiency technology with the potential to improve space conditioning and lower energy costs. As the technology has been refined in recent years, inverter-driven heat pumps have emerged as a high-efficiency option for heating residences in cold climates. This new technology can operate efficiently at as low as -13°F and can save homeowners between 30% and 55% on their home heating costs. In Minnesota, there are nearly 335,000 households with electric heat and 250,000 households with propane heat that would benefit significantly from ccASHPs.

Tools and Resources

In 2020, CEE will develop and launch tools and resources to assist HVAC installers and utility staff as demand increases for air source heat pump technology. Stay tuned for:

  • Training events

  • ccASHP Best Practices Installation Guide

  • Direct-to-company consulting

  • Marketing tools and templates


Contact Us

McPherson-Emily_web.jpgEmily McPherson
Program Development Manager 

This project is funded in part byGreat River Energy, MN Power, Ottertail Power, Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency, and Missouri River Energy Services.