Youth Energy Education

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CEE's TOLBY® program (for "turn off lights behind you") is a free interactive youth energy efficiency education resource for grades 1 through 5. The program features a presentation with optional supporting activities, and aligns with Minnesota State Science Standards.

**We are currently offering virtual TOLBY presentations as well as a TOLBY trivia game that can be played with students after the visit. Please contact Katie for more information and to schedule a presentation**

A TOLBY visit is:


  • About 30 minutes long
  • Good for at least 10 students, with no maximum.
  • Appropriate for grades 1 to 5.
  • Self-sufficient, no need for technology or equipment.
  • Detailed more thoroughly in our Visit FAQs (PDF).
We also offer optional pre- and post-visit activities to help students develop a more complete understanding of the content.

Students learn about:

  • Energy basics, such as kinetic and potential energy, electricity sources, electricity use, and conservation actions.
  • Types of energy (eg, light, heat, growth).
  • Sources of electricity, and percentage of use.
  • How fossil fuels are made, with a focus on coal.
  • Transmission of electricity to our homes.
  • The value of reducing electricity.
  • Simple energy conservation actions to do at home and school

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Katie Traub