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If Xcel Energy is your business's electricity provider we can help you cut energy costs! 

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A free energy assessment includes: 

  • Detailed report with recommended upgrades 

  • Estimated rebates and savings 

  • Help with bids or finding a contractor 

  • Financing options 

  • Technical expertise 

  • Completion and submission of all rebate paperwork 

We can look at your:


​Lighting can represent up to 30% of your energy use. Improving lighting is an easy way for your business to cut costs and improve your space. Our lighting experts help you choose more efficient lighting that saves you money and is specifically tailored to your needs. 

  • Limited-time bonus rebates avaiable until 12/1.

Cooling and Heating

Upgrading rooftop units (RTUs) can help facilities quickly lower HVAC costs. Simple no-cost or low-cost repairs and adjustments can often result in significant savings that go directly to your bottom line. Our HVAC experts will identify the best way to maximize the efficiency of your RTUs. 

  • Free smart thermostat installation.

Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems can be the main source of energy use in grocery, liquor, and convenience stores. Our refrigeration experts can identify how to reduce energy use and cut costs. In addition, complimentary energy-saving products can be installed on the spot.