Featured Projects

Graphic of various building types including ice rink and schools

Edina West Condominium Association

CEE will commission the installation of three new boiler systems for the Edina West Condominium Association. Engineers will examine the facility’s requirements and construction in a design phase, and perform tests to monitor current system functionality in a construction phase. After reviewing initial testing results, they will construct and install the new boiler systems. Following closing functionality tests to ensure the system’s efficiency, CEE will produce a final commissioning report and provide support for potential problems for 12 months or the end of the warranty period. 

City Center

CEE is partnering with Ryan Companies US, Inc., to improve energy efficiency in the 50-story City Center building at Nicollet Mall and South 7th Street in downtown Minneapolis. Within the multiyear project, CEE will perform a series of focused engineering studies to optimize energy use in chilled water production, steam consumption, exhaust systems, and lighting. Longer term, CEE will collect and analyze large operational data sets to further assess a broad range of promising energy-saving opportunities in the building.

St. Louis Park Rec Center

CEE continues a long relationship with the City of St. Louis Park by performing targeted engineering studies for three systems within the City’s Rec Center. One project focuses on eliminating an old steam boiler, which is the only heating source for the facility and its outdoor pool. The team is also conducting an assessment of the existing cooling systems for four different areas of the building. Finally, CEE will do the post-construction commissioning of a new building automation system to control all HVAC equipment in the building. CEE will focus on the energy impacts of these projects, and will recommend modifications as warranted to improve the facility’s carbon footprint.

St. Louis Park Westwood Hills Nature Center

CEE engineers will commission the construction of the new Westwood Hills Nature Center. This project will be unique since the building will be a Net Zero Energy building once completed. The goals for the center include “connecting people to nature through building design and site; supporting first-class programming while welcoming the public to a fully accessible facility; reducing energy use and using resources wisely; and blending in with nature through location site and building design.” This project with start with the building’s construction in spring 2019.

Washington County Continuous Commissioning

Washington County maintains a leadership role in energy conservation by engaging CEE engineers with the relatively new concept of continuous commissioning. CEE will deploy hardware and software to capture large quantities of government building data, and then process these data points into actionable information that will allow building staff to be proactive on building issues. The software will detect energy waste, uncomfortable conditions, or other undesirable equipment operations earlier than a traditional system would, allowing for immediate corrective actions to be taken.

West St. Paul School District 197

Between 2019 and 2022, CEE engineers will commission all School District 197 buildings. The district passed a bond referendum that will allow for additions, renovations, and repairs to all elementary schools, middle schools, and the high school. Additionally, a new multi-purpose athletic facility and aquatics center will be built on the high school campus. During the design phase, district staff engaged CEE engineers to review of construction plans with a focus on energy, maintainability, and operational issues. We’re excited to continue our long relationship with the school district, and we look forward to helping to foster properly functioning buildings that enhance the learning experience.

Hennepin County Continuous Commissioning

Hennepin County facility staff wanted to assess how continuous commissioning might help them maintain their already high energy efficiency standards throughout the County’s buildings. CEE engineers developed a simplified approach to continuous commissioning, by leveraging trend data collected via existing building automation systems. This manual approach will be tested at one County building and if results are helpful, deployment to other buildings will be scheduled. Continuous commissioning catches energy wasting equipment operations more quickly than traditional audits or recommissioning studies, which are generally performed on 5- to 7-year cycles.

Washington County Wildwood Library

The existing Wildwood Library will be replaced with an updated building to better support current library functions, adding flexible capacity to meet the future needs of the Washington County residents. CEE engineers will commission the new library, and are already engaged in the design phase to review mechanical and electrical systems. Engineers are helping to ensure high energy efficiency and effective maintainability by County staff for the life of the building. This project will start in late summer of 2019, to be completed during the summer of 2020.