Building Efficiency Adviser Program

In the City of Minneapolis, large commercial and multifamily buildings with significant opportunity for energy savings are required to complete an evaluation to identify energy-saving strategies. Building owners may choose to complete the evaluation requirement by participating in the Building Efficiency Advisory Program administered by Center for Energy and Environment (CEE). 

The program is free and provides building owners with an ASHRAE level 1 audit, submits data to the City on behalf of the building owner, and assists building staff in completing whichever energy improvements they want to make. Completing this program fulfills a building’s ordinance requirement.

For building owners, the 2021 program involves:

  • identifying the major contacts who influence the building’s energy systems,

  • supporting building data collection,

  • participating in a phone call to prepare for the audit,

  • guiding the auditor around the building during the site visit, and

  • attending a results meeting and two follow-up resource meetings over a period of a few months.

After you submit this form, you will receive an email requesting preliminary information about your building. If you indicate a preference, we can also give you a call.  

If you have any questions contact Devin Batkiewicz, or 612-244-2469.

Fill out the form below to start the process of enrolling in the program.