Multifamily Efficiency Consulting

This program provides energy efficiency design and construction consulting to help new, state-funded multifmaily housing developments meet specific energy efficiency requirements and reach their efficiency goals.

State-funded multifamily housing developments are often expected to meet specific energy efficiency requirements. We have a long track record of helping multifamily builders cost-effectively meet these standards and reach their energy efficiency goals.

We've worked with some of Minnesota's largest multifamily developers, including Habitat for Humanity, Project for Pride in Living, Saint Paul Public Housing, and Clare Housing.

Through assessments and attendance at up to five project meetings, we provide:

  • assistance with commissioning plan development,
  • rater services,
  • blower door air-tightness testing,
  • ventilation and exhaust system testing, and
  • ductwork testing.


Becky_O_WEB.jpgRebecca Olson
Residential Energy Program Director