Current Projects

Bloomington School District

CEE is leading a recommissioning project at Oak Grove Middle School in the Bloomington School district, to be completed later in 2018. Engineers have been collecting building data for over six months. During the summer months they are looking at the operation of the building with no students in the building. This data collection will lead to recommendations on how to better operate the building, to make occupants more comfortable and reduce energy consumption.

Historic Theatre Group

In partnership with NRG Energy Center Minneapolis, CEE was hired in 2013 to recommission building operating and maintenance systems in the Orpheum and Pantages theaters. Engineers found multiple opportunities for improvements such as excessive chilled water use, imbalances in the HVAC, and air flow, which impacted performances and events. Since the original recommissioning investigation, CEE continues to provide ongoing services to the Historic Theatre Group’s buildings, including the Orpheum, State, and Pantages theaters. Services include recommissioning implementation, targeted engineering analysis, and yearly Minneapolis Energy Ordinance assistance.

In 2018 CEE is providing controls commissioning services for the Orpheum Theatre. Air handling equipment is being added to a computerized control system for better control and to optimize energy consumption while improving indoor air quality.  

Maplewood Community Center & YMCA

The City of Maplewood retained CEE for a controls upgrade of their Community Center which also serves as the local YMCA. The previous outdated control system wasn't allowing for consistent control of the large and varying space conditions. The Community Center is home to a number of large meeting rooms, a theater for performing arts, a large gym, and an extensive indoor pool area with water features for families to enjoy. Engineers from CEE are completing the controls commissioning and test and balance verification work to ensure that the control and energy consumption of the HVAC systems are optimized to provide the best comfort possible for facility users.

Law Enforcement Center

CEE engineers are working with Washington County on a major controls upgrade for the Law Enforcement Center. Their outdated control system was causing energy waste and operational issues for County staff. The new controls upgrade will give them access to the latest control technology and provide them with reliable and efficient control of their HVAC system. This is extremely important for the center, since the facility is open 24-hours-a-day, year-round. CEE’s commissioning includes an initial design controls review, startup of all sensors and verification of control points, a functional performance test, and a system-wide test and balance validation. CEE and Washington County have a long standing partnership in achieving energy efficiency in all the County’s buildings.