Community Engagement

Group presentation in library
We're uniquely positioned to help you and your entire community improve energy use and efficiencies. From locally focused programs for energy upgrade to long-range community planning, our offerings are built to engage communities.

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Energy planning at city, county, or region-level

CEE works with communities at every level and stage of the process. We'll help bring the right people to the table to consider challenges and opportunities, and assemble a powerhouse team to put your planning in motion. Recent clients include Destination Medical Center in Rochester.
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Regional Residential Energy Programs

In partnership with local energy providers, CEE provides qualifying residents with information and services to improve energy efficiency in their homes. Last year, we conducted nine Neighborhood Energy Challenge workshops in Rochester with 314 households attending. 
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Businesses Bring Energy Efficiency Home

Our lunchtime workshop helps your employees save energy at work and at home. Employees will get energy saving tips plus an opportunity to sign up for a special discounted Home Energy Squad Enhanced visit. 
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Congregations Saving Energy

CEE can visit your congregation and help members become environmental stewards. We'll provide options for your congregation to tangibly demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.
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