Energy Intelligence for Industry

Graph of energy use

Real-time, intelligent energy feedback to help small manufacturing and industrial businesses identify waste and optimize production.

The Energy Intelligence program helps small manufacturing and industrial customers go beyond their utility bill to find out how much and when they use energy, and provides low-cost/no-cost solutions to reduce energy waste.

Customer electric use is monitored and displayed in 15-minute intervals on a web-based dashboard. CEE conducts an assessment of customer equipment and helps the customer understand how their equipment and operations impact their energy use patterns and energy charges.

CEE and the customer work to implement low-cost/no-cost solutions to lower energy usage. Impacts are validated using the real-time feedback dashboard. CEE also provides equipment-based recommendations and Xcel Energy rebates for additional savings.


Energy Intelligence Feedback

The graphic above is an example of the real-time feedback available to Energy Intelligence participants. Concerned about large equipment causing demand spikes? Ever wondered how much energy is used during non-production time periods?  How much energy did my plant use today versus yesterday? Energy Intelligence can help you answer those questions.


Program Details 

The program is offered free-of-charge to small industrial customers in Xcel Energy’s Minnesota service territory with less than 400 kW of monthly electric demand. Acceptance into the program is subject to approval from Xcel Energy. Typical customer engagement is about two months at the end of which monitoring equipment is removed.





Nicole_K_web220.jpgNicole Kessler
Program Manager