Media: Saving energy through Conservation Improvement Program (Sun Thisweek)

Guest column on the value of Minnesota's Conservation Improvement Programs, appeared originally in  Sun Thisweek  and the  Dakota County Tribune .

How Utilities are Benefiting from Minnesota's New Energy Savings Platform

Joe Plummer of the MN Division of Energy Resources and Jeff Haase of Great River Energy provide background information about the platform, who it benefits, and the goals and requirements for utility use. How Utilities are Benefiting from Minnesota's New Energy Savings Platform...

Media: Intern Finds Program Opportunities (MnTAP Solutions)

CEE's former MnTAP intern Tiger Rost who worked with the Energy Intelligence program summarizes his findings and what he learned.

CEE Staffer Receives Distinguished Service Award

Erik Ennen receives distinguished service award for dedicating time to developing new lighting certification.

Media: Energy Efficiency Programs Benefit Us All (Power)

CEE-led report, Minnesota Enregy Efficiency Potential Study, is referenced in an article in Power Magazine.

Conservation Applied Research and Development Grants: Helping to meet Minnesota's energy reduction g

The Conservation Applied Research and Development (CARD) Grant Program is a unique energy research and development program here in Minnesota. In this interview Program Administrator Mary Sue Lobenstein talks about program challenges and successes, program and technology tre...

Suburban Ramsey County Energy Conservation Deferred Loan

2020 Duluth Energy Design Conference & Expo

Phil Anderson , QA and New Homes Manager, Alex Haynor , Research Analyst, and Isaac Smith , Residential Program Development Manager, are presenting on air source heat pumps at the 2020 Duluth Energy Design Conference & Expo. Their presentation will take place in two parts ...

Crystal: Low-interest Loan

Phillips West: 0% Exterior Deferred Loan

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