Webinar: Pay-for-Performance Utility Programs

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2/20/2020 11:00:00 AM

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Live Webinar

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Join us for a webinar where Megan Hoye, CEE’s engagement manager, will review the opportunities identified in the study for pay-for-performance programs to bring value to Minnesota customers and utilities. She will also discuss barriers and concerns ranging from attribution of behavioral energy savings versus equipment-based savings, to accurate measurement and verification practices, to overall cost-effectiveness. The webinar will also highlight a number of technical, programmatic, and policy recommendations for utilities and regulators to consider.

Under a pay-for-performance model, building owners have the potential to receive larger incentives for design or equipment installations over time, than they can through traditional deemed savings rebates. While pay-for-performance pilots and programs are increasingly common in the northeast and west coast, this model has yet to be applied in Minnesota. In CARD-funded research, CEE used interviews, surveys, a literature review and a focus group to investigate the benefits and barriers to developing pay-for-performance programs in Minnesota for commercial utility customers.

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