EEBA Virtual High Performance Summit 2020

Event Date

9/29/2020 9:00:00 AM

Event Location

This is a virtual event, learn more and register here

September 29 – October 9, 2020

Event Details

CEE's Residential Program Development Manager Isaac Smith, and New Homes Manager Phil Anderson will present on Air-source heat pumps (ASHP), and discuss CEE’s cold-climate ASHP research, including performance and capacity results, lessons learned, and experiences from over five years of detailed data monitoring from ASHP field installs in Minnesota.

They will highlight a few real-world ASHP installation examples in single family new construction, and the benefits of pairing these systems with high performance new construction techniques and certifications. They will then discuss energy-efficient multifamily buildings and how national certifications such as Energy Star, Zero Energy Ready, and Passive House have been adapted more effectively to apply to this sector, as well as how ASHPs can be applied to this sector, and tips and lessons learned along the way through Minnesota based case studies and multifamily field research projects.

During the summit's 2020 Housing Innovation Awards ceremony, a home that CEE worked on with contractor, Sustainable 9 Design + Build, is being awarded for Zero Energy Ready Best Custom Home Build.

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