Building Performance Associations Home Performance Regional Education Series

Event Date

10/21/2020 2:00:00 PM

Event Location

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Energy Efficiency to Preserve Affordable Rental Housing in Minneapolis: October 21, 2020

Cold-Climate ASHPs: Real World Results: October 22, 2020

Event Details

Live Sessions:

Director of Residential Programs Rebecca Olson, "Energy Efficiency to Preserve Affordable Rental Housing in Minneapolis", 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m, October 21

The City of Minneapolis' 4d Affordable Housing Incentive program is a unique pairing of housing and energy policy that leverages City and utility incentives to preserve affordable housing, lower utility bills, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. By providing technical assistance from CEE's energy experts and up to 90% cost share on energy efficiency projects, this program is able to ensure lasting affordability through rent stabilization and lower utility bills. Rebecca will discuss the successes and lessons learned while coaching property owners through projects. This will include program design elements, funding streams, case studies, and data on energy savings.

Residential Program Development Manager Isaac Smith, "Cold-Climate ASHPs: Real World Results", 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m, October 22

This presentation first discusses CEE’s cold-climate ASHP research, including performance and capacity results, lessons learned, and experiences from over five years of detailed data monitoring from ASHP field installs in Minnesota. Next, Isaac will discuss the statewide ASHP collaborative that aims to achieve top potential by providing contractor trainings and demonstrations, distributor engagement, strategic marketing, technical support, and more. This presentation will also invite contractors, builders, and distributors in the audience to participate in the collaborative.

Recorded Sessions:

Residential Program Development Manager Isaac Smith, "Minneapolis Energy Disclosure: Bringing Awareness to Home Energy Improvements"

The City of Minneapolis recently passed a single-family energy disclosure policy that went into effect in January 2020. This policy requires an energy asset rating, before the home is listed for sale, so potential buyers can make informed decisions and sellers can recoup the investments they made in energy improvements. Policies like these bring awareness to home energy performance, with a goal of spurring investments in energy improvements. To help achieve this goal, the City of Minneapolis, CenterPoint Energy and Center for Energy and Environment are working together on a pilot. This presentation will share the early results and activities from this pilot, as well as a review of the policy and energy disclosure report.

Inspector/Rater Jake Selstad, "Multifamily Air Leakage: Test Methods and Results"

This session will cover the common standards used in air tightness testing of multifamily buildings. Jake will discuss the procedures for measuring the exterior and total leakage of individual units along with multi-fan procedures for whole building testing of exterior leakage, and include a comparison of building preparation, equipment setup, and benefits of the results for the various test methods.

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