Behavior Energy and Climate Change Conference

Event Date

11/18/2019 8:58:00 AM

Event Location

November 17–20, 2019
Hyatt Recency
Sacramento, CA

Event Details

Many staff from CEE will be attending the 2019 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference (BECC). Staff who work on community consulting including, Marisa Bayer, Community Energy Program Manager, Jamie Johnson, Community Energy Program Coordinator, and Mike Holsinger, Community Energy Planner. Residential staff including Energy Advisors Kathleen McCarthyDanielle Hauck, and Mike Rehm, Outreach Specialist Terry Chaney, Program Manager, Kevin Horkheimer, and Director of Residential Programs, Rebecca Olson.

BECC brings together a diverse group of senior-level policymakers, social and natural scientists, program implementers, media, and energy experts to explore how the practical application of social and behavioral insights can help move America to a clean, independent and thriving energy economy.

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