Increasing residential boiler efficiency with retrocommissioning & improved installation

Event Date

3/27/2018 11:00:00 AM

Event Location

Live webinar, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CST


Event Details

Although high-efficiency condensing boilers have been available in the residential market for many years, consumer acceptance and market penetration is low. One contributing factor is that many mechanical contractors believe condensing boilers don’t achieve their listed efficiency. For this project the team characterized existing boilers and determined practical, cost-effective steps to improve performance through retrocommissioning and improved installation.

Results show that the installed systems were energy efficient and had good performance. All systems achieved desired efficiency levels of around 90%. The team found that, while it is possible to increase boiler efficiency by a small margin through retrocommissioning and optimization, it requires a lot of work for a small amount of savings, and systems were already achieving high levels of efficiency without intervention. New installations also achieved high levels of efficiency with only basic installation requirements, such as following the manufacturer’s recommendations for outdoor reset sensor locations and setting the temperature curves based on the emitter type in the home.

Join us for a live webinar where CEE’s Director of Residential Programs, Rebecca Olson, and Senior Research Engineer Ben Schoenbauer will dive deeper into project findings and discuss quality installation and retrocommissioning best practices that can be integrated into utility conservation improvement programs.




Becky_O_WEB.jpgRebecca Olson
Director of Residential Programs | Center for Energy and Environment

Rebecca Olson joined the NEC (merged with CEE in 2017) in 2012 as the residential energy program manager.  She oversees all aspects of the residential energy programs including the Home Energy Squad, the Energy Audit programs and our New Construction Energy Consulting programs. Perviously she worked as an energy auditor for 3 years and was the director of a low-income weatherization program for 3 years.  

Rebecca has served as president and secretary of the Minnesota Building Performance Association and is the current chair of the Building Performance Institute’s Standards Technical Committee.  

Ben_S_220.jpgBen Schoenbauer
Senior Research Engineer | Center for Energy and Environment
Ben Schoenbauer is a senior research engineer who has been with CEE since 2008. Ben conducts research on new and innovative technologies and ideas dealing with residential and commercial energy efficiency. Ben’s areas of focus include water heater performance, service water heating, and residential HVAC systems.

Ben has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering for the University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in physics from St. John’s University.