Improving energy code compliance through support and assistance programs

Event Date

3/14/2018 11:00:00 AM

Event Location

Live webinar, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CST


Event Details

Commercial energy codes specify design requirements to achieve a minimum level of energy efficiency in new buildings, additions, and renovations. This project provided tools and technical assistance to building design, construction, and code enforcement professionals to help improve compliance with the most commonly neglected and highest-impact energy code requirements. This targeted approach, ideally, provides significant energy impacts at a low cost. 

Researchers piloted two approaches to improve compliance of individual building projects. The first is to support design teams working on small to mid-sized buildings so that rework after submission of plans to the city can be minimized. The second is to provide technical assistance to city plan review staff. The two pilot programs engaged with 32 buildings, and 11 other buildings were reviewed for comparison purposes. 

CEE Senior Mechanical Engineer Russ Landry, P.E. will give an overview of this study, including scope, ideas behind the two pilot programs, and the energy impact findings of the two energy code pilot projects. 




Russ_L_web-220.jpgRuss Landry, P.E.
Senior Mechanical Engineer | Center for Energy and Environment

As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, Russ plays a variety of roles, including project management, building plan review, energy analysis, conducting field research, and education delivery. 

His 28 years of work at CEE has focused on commercial building energy efficiency with an emphasis on energy performance and analysis of specialty systems.  He has published nationally and presented on ice arenas, apartment buildings, boilers, ventilation, refrigeration, and building energy simulation.  Mr. Landry has also led several field research and market research studies focused on CIP program design.

Russ's most recent and ongoing work includes field research into the optimization of condensing boilers in commercial buildings, ice arena recommissioning, and review of new construction projects against various green building standards and energy codes.


Megan_Hoye_web.jpgMegan Hoye
Engagement Manager | Center for Energy and Environment

As engagement manager Megan focuses on advancing clean energy impacts of research and asserting opportunities for innovation through energy planning, customer analysis, training, and engagement techniques. Her work brings CEE research to new audiences and helps our organization apply research expertise in new areas of growth. Megan also manages the development of forums, workshops, and webinars, and oversees the creation of tools that help make efficiency and clean energy solutions more accessible and user friendly.

With a background in commercial design and life cycle research, Megan specializes in commercial energy code analysis and new construction services. Megan manages city relationships and coordinates all projects for the Commercial Energy Codes Support Program pilot and has a deep interest in net-zero energy building design as well as tools and training information that can drive at smart client decision-making.