Mid-Sized City Building Energy Benchmarking

This workshop was designed to inform local governments about the benefits and opportunities of private building energy benchmarking in small to medium-sized cities, and to answer questions and present tools to help communities take action.

Watch the recording: Building Energy Benchmarking Workshop (mp3)


Mid-size City Benchmarking Workshop: CEE & Minneapolis

Mid-size City Benchmarking Workshop: Hennepin County & Process


Mid-size City Benchmarking Workshop: Institute for Market Transformation 


Resources for Designing and Developing Bencharking Programs

  • Building Rating Collaboration: An international exchange for building rating and benchmarking tools 
  • IMT: Find case studies, infographics and a report on benchmarking in multifamily buildings
  • CEE + Minneapolis: A working example of implementation
  • Hennepin County: coming soon — Hennepin County Energy Benchmarking Platform website


Hennepin County Energy Benchmarking Platform, please contact Leah Hiniker: Leah.Hiniker@hennepin.us

To learn more about implementation technical assistance and quality control for communities from CEE, contact Katie Jones Schmitt: kschmitt@mncee.org