Innovations in Multifamily Building Energy Savings

This webinar discussed new multifamily auditing techniques, their scalability, what makes the energy savings cost-effective, where the programs can be most successful, and what non-energy benefits result from this work.

About the Webinar

Multifamily buildings comprise approximately 7% of building square footage in the US. Utilities and cities are interested in opportunities to save energy, enhance the value of these buildings and increase access to improved comfort and reduced living costs for building residents. However, diverse types of construction and building age, along with split-incentives make these buildings challenging to serve.

Two members of the Relay Network, Chicago’s Elevate Energy and Minneapolis’ Center for Energy and Environment (CEE), have each been developing a comprehensive body of knowledge around multifamily for more than 30 years. In the last two years, both organizations are accelerating innovation in the multifamily sector by developing new auditing and screening techniques to help identify cost-effective energy improvements: 

  • Elevate Energy highlights it's newest program that focuses on furnace and duct system efficiency in new construction and major renovation scenarios. This approach is innovative because it is performance-based, not just prescriptive, and is appropriate for cities with older multifamily building stock where substantial renovations and new construction are growing. 
  • CEE has created new screening protocols and diagnostic tools that allow ventilation assessments to be included in a comprehensive energy audit (watch video). The approach is highlights new cost-effective energy saving opportunities and is well suited for cities with middle-aged multifamily building stock where modest retrofits and renovations are common.


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Corrie Bastian
Multifamily Program Coordinator | Center for Energy & Environment

Corrie helps multifamily building owners, managers, architects and developers though the process of identifying and implementing energy savings within their buildings. Corrie is a BPI certified building analyst, MN licensed boiler special class engineer, and certified IECC commercial energy inspector with over 5 years of experience evaluating Minnesota buildings through energy efficiency programs at Center for Energy and Environment. She has over a decade of experience in residential construction and earned a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in Environmental Studies focusing on Environmental Education.

Dale Hoffman 
Construction Manager | Elevate Energy

As a general contractor, home builder and remodeler for 25 years, Dale came to understand the causes and effects of energy efficiency in buildings. In 2003, together with two other engineers, Dale formed Midwest Sustainable Energy, an energy efficiency firm that specialized in geothermal energy and professional certifications including RESNET, National Association of Home Builders, and LEED. Midwest Sustainable Energy completed many specialized projects, including a net zero energy home for the Beijing Olympics, audits of nuclear generating facilities, and implementation of energy efficient practices and strategies in communities across the Midwest.

Continuing education became a focus for Dale as more building energy data emerges and advanced techniques are developed. Learning to relate all building systems to each other is essential for successful energy efficiency programs, and Dale has cultivated this holistic approach throughout his career. 

Timothy Crowder     
Construction Analyst | Elevate Energy         

Tim has conducted oversight of community organizations during the implementation of a state-funded low-income weatherization program, and conducted inspections of retrofit projects across diverse building types. He comes to Elevate Energy with years of experience in residential energy efficiency. Before joining Elevate Energy, Tim worked for Comprehensive Community Solutions (CCS) as the Energy Auditor and Weatherization Superior. Prior to employment with CCS, Tim served in the United States Navy as a Cryptologic Technician Technical. Tim is currently working to complete his Associates of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology. 

This webinar was hosted in collaboration with the Relay Network, a collaborative of building experts focused on high performance housing.