How Utilities are Benefiting from Minnesota's New Energy Savings Platform

Joe Plummer of the MN Division of Energy Resources and Jeff Haase of Great River Energy provide background information about the platform, who it benefits, and the goals and requirements for utility use.

Minnesota is the first state to create a shared platform that helps utilities track and manage their energy savings. The platform, known as ESP®, allows utilities to track and report energy costs and savings, while also acting as a free portal for utilities to help manage program operations. In Minnesota, where there are many small municipal and cooperative utilities, streamlining operational processes is a particularly valuable benefit. 

While the first operational tools were released in 2012, it wasn’t until recently that functionality has advanced to the point that utilities are beginning to adopt ESP for managing their program operations. This webinar will provide background information about the platform, who it benefits, and the goals and requirements for utility use. We will also explore recent user feedback, examples of the flexibility of the ESP in action, and desirable opportunities to expand the functionalities of the tool.

If you missed the live webinar, you can click through the slides or download a recording:

How Utilities are Benefiting from Minnesota's New Energy Savings Platform​

Poll Results

During the webinar, our audience provided feedback regarding the usefulness of a future ESP public portal.


Would you personally find the public portal to the Energy Savings Platform useful?




What aspect of the portal would you find most useful? 

  • Historical baseline savings data
  • Easier access to utility data on cost, sales, incentives, etc.
  • Savings and cost-effectiveness info on various programs
  • Track progress on MN energy conservation and climate goals
  • Other 



Target Audience

  • Minnesota utility program managers
  • Minnesota utility operations managers
  • Minnesota policymakers
  • Energy regulators in other states
  • Energy platform developers

Webinar Overview

  • What issues were addressed with the development of the ESP?
  • Who are the current users of the platform and what are the benefits to each of these groups?
  • What benefits are utilities in the field observing about the platform?
  • What are some of the implementation considerations for a utility?
  • How do these benefits translate to program innovation and implementation costs?
  • Are there future opportunities to expand the function of the platform to create additional benefits to utilities and the public?

Presenter Bios

Joe Plummer
Public Utilities Rates Analyst, ESP Project Manager
MN Department of Commerce | Division of Energy Resources

Joe is an analyst and Certified Energy Manager with the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources. His duties include management of Minnesota’s Technical Reference Manual and partnership with Energy Platforms for development of ESP®, an energy efficiency data management system. Joe is also involved in various regulatory proceedings and serves on the board of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. 

Jeff Haase 
Energy and Efficiency Conservation Program Coordinator  
Great River Energy 

In his capacity, Jeff assists in the development of efficiency & conservation program offerings to Great River Energy’s member cooperatives and evaluates the energy savings achievements reported to the state of Minnesota. Since 2010 GRE’s member cooperatives have saved more than 500 GWh of electricity through their efficiency and conservation efforts. Jeff focuses on futurizing GRE’s conservation program offering and quantifying the benefits these programs bring to its members. Jeff has a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Minnesota.