Energy Savings Calculations for Existing Building Commissioning

This webinar covers the use of building automation trend data in energy savings calculations.

Engineers Angela Vreeland and Gustav Brändström demonstrate common traps and tricks in dealing with trend data, along with detailed calculations that can be applied to a variety of energy saving measures.

If you missed the live webinar, you can click through the presentation or download the recording and an example spreadsheet below.

Energy Savings Calculations for Existing Building Commissioning (recording)
Example of AVERAGEIFS.xlsx

Further information
Read about CEE's Existing Building Commissioning Services. Better Bricks, Taylor Engineering, PECI, and the California Commissioning Collaborative also provide online resources about existing building commissioning.

External resources:

NREL Solar Data (for typical meteorological year weather data)

Taylor Engineering Economizer Study

Iowa Energy Center Humidity Study