Advancing the last frontier: Reduction of commercial plug loads

Archived webinar is available after required registration at Seventhwave 

Plug load energy use is increasing nationwide, including in commercial buildings. Strategies to reduce this relatively untapped energy savings resource needs to be better identified and quantified for commercial buildings.

recent field study by SeventhwaveLHB and CEE looked to demonstrate and measure savings from potential plug load reduction strategies in office buildings. The goal was to identify actions to effectively reduce plug load energy use in office environments.

During this webinar, presenters, including CEE's operations and contracts manager Chris Plum, discuss findings from the recent plug load field study. They will also provide recommendations to building operators, designers, energy professionals and utility program professionals to combat this growing energy load.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce's Conservation Applied Research and Development (CARD) grant program provided funding for CEE, Seventhwave, and LHB to research potential plug load reduction strategies in office buildings.