Energy Drips Video

CEE created our two-and-a-half minute "Energy Drips" animated video to connect Minnesotans with our residential residential energy programs: the Minnesota Energy Challenge and Community Energy Services (Minneapolis).

"Energy Drips" compares energy waste to a leaky faucet, framing energy efficiency in terms of saving money by reducing waste. The video suggests several actions to improve home energy efficiency, then illustrates how individual actions combine to create larger savings and impact.  

Since its YouTube premiere on June 1st, 2011, "Energy Drips" has been viewed nearly 3,000 times and shared by nonprofits, utilities, businesses and schools across the country. ´╗┐The video has also been adapted into a public service announcement and aired on the City of Maplewood's cable channel. Feel free to embed or link to our video on YouTube or contact us if you would like to adapt it for your specific uses.