Humidity Control in Minnesota Schools


Good humidity control can provide an immediate energy savings benefit because occupants will be comfortable over a wider range of temperature settings - warmer in summer and cooler in winter. The issue of finding the perfect balance between providing adequate ventilation while keeping humidity in check can be a challenge for building managers. Maintaining a comfortable healthy environment while ensuring the durability of the building and equipment and doing so cost effectively, can be a tall order.

This handbook is intended as a textbook and reference guide to help building managers and operators understand the process of moisture management in their buildings. It explains the means and methods of operation and maintenance to care for various types of humidity control systems and discusses how to:

  • understand why controlling humidity is important, and what settings to choose,

  • minimize both occupant complaints and energy bills,

  • improve operations and maintenance of existing equipment, and

  • make selections for equipment replacement.

Read the full report (PDF):

Humidity Control in Minnesota Schools, Facility Managers & Operators