Gas Industry Load Research Source Book

This Source Book presents profiles, cross-reference charts and summary statistics describing overall load research program activities at 28 gas utilities, as well as 70 completed and current load research projects, 13 planned load research projects, and 55 monitoring projects. Load research projects were defined for the Source Book as projects for which the primary objective is to accurately estimate customer loads based on metering of a statistically-based sample of customers, wing data recorded on at least a daily basis. Monitoring projects were defined as projects which record metered data at customer sites on at least a daily basis, but which are smaller in scope than statistically-based load research projects.

Information provided includes:

  • project purposes and objectives
  • rate classes and market segments targeted
  • building types, end uses and technologies monitored
  • sample design and customer participation
  • data collection, analysis and outputs
  • outcomes and lessons learned
  • consultants and data recording equipment used
  • availability of results to others 
Full Report (PDF)
Gas Industry Load Research Source Book – 1994 Final Report