Destination Medical Center: Sustainable Energy Options

With Mayo Clinic at its heart, Destination Medical Center (DMC) is a 20-year economic development initiative to position Rochester, Minnesota, as the world’s premier destination for health and wellness. With planning and resolve, the DMC can also achieve carbon neutrality and implement the most progressive, responsive, and resilient district energy network in the country.

In 2013, state officials determined there was compelling interest to authorize public investments in Rochester to help support Mayo Clinic in Rochester as a global medical destination center. These leaders worked together to develop DMC and create in statute the financing tools and public governance structure necessary to carry out the global destination vision. 

With more than $5 billion in projected private investments over the next 20 years, DMC will provide the public financing necessary to build the public infrastructure and other projects needed to support the vision. DMC represents the largest economic development initiative in Minnesota and one of the largest in the United States. DMC will bring significant growth and economic prosperity to southern Minnesota and, along with that, an opportunity to showcase energy and sustainability innovations as catalysts for future efforts across the region.

"Destination Medical Center: Sustainable Energy Options" was developed by the Center for Energy and Environment and Ever-Green Energy to provide the DMC Corporation (DMCC) Board with options for how this considerable development can meet climate and energy goals outlined in the DMC Sustainability Framework. The report focuses on options for the two earliest developments, Heart of the City and Discovery Square. The project objectives are to review local conditions and integrate cross-sector stakeholder needs; provide technical and evidence-based information about the current energy system; and provide possibilities for synergies and coordination on future investments that can advance local, low-carbon energy solutions.

Sustainable DMC: Full report (PDF)

Sustainable DMC: Summary Recomendations (PDF)