CEE Home Energy Improvement Index


The Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) developed the Home Energy Improvement Index for use
with residential energy efficiency programs, specifically targeting cost-effective retrofits for existing
homes. Its purpose is to help encourage major building envelope and heating plant energy upgrades by
providing homeowners with a user-friendly and quantitatively robust indication of their home’s current
status and potential for major energy upgrades, as well as how to prioritize those upgrades.

The Energy Index summarizes results in a way that is easy to read and signifies clear action steps. It
differs from similar scoring systems in that it is based on how close a home is to its cost-effective
efficiency potential based on home style and age, rather than how it performs compared to a spectrum
of homes. This allows any home to receive a perfect score upon completing all recommended retrofits
— a major, attainable goal to motivate action.

As of April 2013 CEE had delivered over 1,000 scores to single-family homes in Minneapolis and St. Louis
Park. Figure 1 below presents a sample score card based on initial visits. The remainder of this report
describes the scoring tool’s approach, quantitative calculations behind point assignments, and CEE’s
early experience with pilot homes

Full Report (PDF)
CEE Home Energy Improvement Index