Ventilation Retrofit Case Study: Reducing Supply Ventilation Flow

This case study gives an overview of ventilation systems and the retrofit commissioning done on the systems in a 24 story residential high-rise. The retrofitting resulted in energy savings of $6,899 with a payback of only 2 months.

The positive outcome extended beyond energy savings. A survey of the occupants foudn that 98% of respondants responded neutrally or favorably to the change. 
Further, a survey of the building management team indicated that the retrofit had little impact on building operations and was viewed as a positive change to the building systems. Significant energy impacts were achieved while maintaining occupant comfort and good indoor air quality. The building management team also provided positive remarks saying that the process did not take “too much” of their time and that no residents complained about the change.

Full Case Study (PDF):
Ventilation Retrofit Case Study: Reducing Supply Ventilation