Using Aerosol Sealant to Reduce Multifamily Envelope Leakage

Presented at the 2016 Duluth Energy and Design Conference.

This presentation provides information on a field research project of an aerosol sealant used to reduce the leakage of existing and new construction multifamily units. The aerosol technology has been adapted from a method that has been used for duct sealing. We were able to reduce the leakage of 18 new construction units by an average of 81% and 9 existing units by an average of 68%. Detailed building air infiltration and energy use modelling found that an 80% envelope leakage reduction would reduce space heating energy use by 11% for new construction units and 19% for existing units. The sealing not only reduces infiltration, but also air flows between units that results in annoying transfer of odors or harmful transfer of secondhand smoke. Cost effective application of the technology will likely require savings from the elimination of some conventional sealing methods from the work process.