2015 Energy Policy Forum Presentations

Experts weighed in about the future of Minnesota's energy regulatory policy at CEE's final 35th anniversary forum and networking event.

Minnesota has a long history of delivering low-cost, reliable, and efficient energy services to customers, supported by consensus-driven energy regulation. However, the electricity industry is undergoing seismic changes that demand the attention of utility CEOs, policy makers, regulators, and advocates.  Slowing energy demand combined with falling costs of renewables, consideration of retirement of generation resources, increasing urgency to reduce environmental impacts, rising expectations from customers and communities and growing opportunities for technology innovation are creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

How should Minnesota’s energy regulatory policy evolve to address these challenges and better serve customers?  What information, resources and processes can help Minnesota energy leaders and policymakers to best evaluate options and opportunities? Join us for an evening of insight and experience with policy leaders, as the Center for Energy and Environment begins its next 35 years of energy policy innovation.

Energy Policy Forum Part 1: Introductions and keynote presentation from Ben Fowke, Chairman, President and CEO, Xcel Energy

Energy Policy Forum Part 2: Interview with Ben Fowke by Chris Farrell followed by panel presentations

Energy Policy Forum Part 3: Panel discussion with Mike Bull, Pat Garofalo, Bill Grant and Dan Lipshultz