Energy Efficiency Policy Exchange

On December 17th, 2015 local and national energy experts discussed early thoughts on the direction of Minnesota's implementation plan, how influential early action credit for energy efficiency will be for expanding energy conservation activities in Minnesota as well as if and how benefits of the CEIP program provide key opportunities for energy efficiency and low-income communities.


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Sara Hayes, ACEEE Presentation
Policy Exchange audience questions

About the Event

Across the country, state-based energy, air, and policy leaders are working to define how their state will meet the requirements of the Clean Power Plan. In Minnesota, an important policy conversation is taking place around how energy efficiency will contribute to Minnesota’s plan, and how the plan will impact low-income communities. Actions taken under the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP) will provide key opportunities for energy efficiency and low-income communities during the first years of Clean Power Plan implementation. Under the CEIP early energy efficiency action in low-income communities will receive extra credit from the EPA. How Minnesota maximizes the benefits of the program is yet to be defined, and there are many questions to be asked and answered.

This event asked questions and brought up new questions that Minnesota will be grappling with between now and September, 2016, when Minnesota plans to submit its State Implementation Plan. Questions like, how can we keep Minnesota's conservation improvement work at a least cost to ratepayers? How might Minnesota's plan shape opportunities for energy efficiency and create cost savings for low-income Minnesotans? How might integrated resource planning change as a repercussion of the Clean Power Plan, particularly as we approach 2030 and go beyond? 

Presenters and Panelists 

David Thornton

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency | Assistant Commissioner

Sara Hayes

ACEEE | Sr. Manager & Researcher, Air & Climate Policy

Rodney Sobin

National Association of State Energy Officials | Sr. Program Director

Kenneth Colburn

The Regulatory Assistance Project | Principal

Chris James

The Regulatory Assistance Project | Principal

Carl Nelson 

CEE | Director of Program Development

Jessica Burdette

MN Divistion of Energy Resources | CIP Supervisor