Community Energy Forum | How Community Actions and Resources Will Shape our Energy Future

While energy programs are still largely established by utilities and state regulators, residents and city leaders are increasingly pursuing independent strategies to meet local clean energy and economic development goals. Minnesota’s earliest community energy programs were grassroots efforts that organized thousands of residents to insulate their own homes. Today, residents and community leaders are committing to significant climate and energy goals and actively seeking solutions that engage a broad range of constituents. 

As part of CEE’s 35th anniversary, the community forum reflected on the role communities play in delivering clean energy programs. National and local experts and discussed how to harness the next 35 years of community energy resources.



Michael Li | Department of Energy

With his perspective as a policy advisor and leadership in the SEEAction Network, Customer Information and Behavior Working Group, Michael will provided a national perspective on what actions and investments cities can take to enable more community-based energy saving programs. 

Midwest Perspective

Anne Evens | Elevate Energy

Ms. Evens discussed what community-based energy planning looks like.


Amir Nadav | Great Plains Institute

Mr. Nadav discussed strategies and roles for smaller communities.


Jenny Edwards | Center for Energy and Environment

Ms Edwards described how utilities and communities are collaborating to provide energy resources and programs.