CEE's Mobile App for DOE's Home Energy Score

In 2011, the Center for Energy and Environment participated in the U.S. Department of Energy's Home Energy Score pilot.  The Home Energy Score system allows a homeowner to compare her or his home's energy consumption to that of other homes on a scale of 1 to 10.The label includes a list of recommended energy improvements and the associated cost and savings estimates. 

CEE scored 150 Minnesota homes. Homeowners in CEE's residential energy programs were invited to participate in the pilot and CEE emailed or mailed their score after a home energy audit. The pilot found that scoring tools motivate homeowners more effectively when they are provided at the home visit.  To  help energy professionals integrate the score into programs, CEE developed a mobile app for the Home Energy Score.  

The app runs on a variety of devices and operating systems, including Apple, Android and Blackberry products.  Energy professionals collect data in a home and upload to the Home Energy Score website to generate a homeowner's score on the spot. CEE designed the app to collect data on the mobile device without an internet connection, avoiding interuption during the home inspection.The user then uses an internet connection to upload the locally stored data to the Home Energy Score web server and retrieve the scoring label and recommendations. He or she can explain the results to the homeowner and email them for reference documentation.

Click through the presentation below for a demonstration of the app: 

Full presentation (PDF):
HEScore Mobile App
CEE's work on home energy labels includes both the Home Energy Score Pilot Project and our own Home Energy Improvement Index.

To learn more about CEE's internal app development process, read an interview with Rich Szydlowski and IT Manager Tom Spielman.